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tv   Today  NBC  October 31, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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[ in ghoulish voice ] >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza hi! [ cheers and applause ] hi! >> wow. >> good morning! [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, everybody. good morning. good morning! wow. look at this new set. it's unbelievable. i can't believe this! everything looks so different. >> i can't believe my eyes! >> look. there's even a spot there for
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why does he get a seat? he doesn't do anything. he's waiting for tea service for the butler or something. >> reege, reege, look a new kind of phone. remember? always made fun of our other phone? now i can use my new press-on nails and dial without a rotary. >> wow. that's something. it's going to take me a long time to get used to all of this new stuff. >> come on, reege! >> how do i do it? day a >> how was your weekend, reege? >> not good. not good. no. it's -- no. joy and i were in atlantic city. >> yeah? >> there's -- a lot going on. and it's a convoluted story. you really don't want to hear it. i don't want to get into it in too much detail. guess what i watched last night? >> what, reege? >> me and joy, in bed. uh-huh. we recorded this new show. a drama. >> yeah? >> shot right here on the
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it for me. >> reege, that's too bad. reege, whats was it called? >> i don't know. something like, "legal order" or law and something get this. very beginning of the sound effect they play this scary sound effect. it goes -- i brought it in too share it with you, because you know how i feel about it. >> okay. reege! >> gelman, can you actually pretend you actually work around here? come here! do something with this tape. get over here. send it to the control room and see if they can play the sound and, please, please, gelman, be careful with it! i keep lending these tapes out to everybody and nobody ever gives it back to me. you got something to say? >> i'm right on top of it, reege. don't you worry. >> no.
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again. never going to see it again. >> i'm not the screw-up you think i am, reege. >> oh, gelman, thank you. but, reege, reege -- >> yes, yes, yes! >> i had a great night, too. you're not going to believe this. i got the newest version of my album. it's a shipment called "sentimental." i'm so excited. can i show you? look, look, everyone, look! >> oh, my gosh. will you look at this? >> wait, reege -- reege -- you >> no, i don't. >> let's just live here for a moment to. ? it had to be you ? it had to be you ? >> my head hurts. ? and finally found ? >> you know, reege, it was like christmas in my house after that delivery.
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they were dancing around the house and saying, please, mama, please, ma ma, play more. >> i feel so sorry for those kids. sounds so thrilly. >> you know i hate to talk about my kids, but since you asked. >> i didn't ask. >> did i tell you that cassidy did a pooh-pooh all by herself? >> no questions of the pooh-pooh. >> wait. in my fanny pack. i've got them right here. well, do i have some pictures to show you, too. >> look, reege? >> i don't care. okay? i'm bored already. you know what will help me wake up? that horrible sound from legal something. i will never be able to get it out of my head! >> reege, reege, it's "law & order." >> is it cued up yet gelman? >> announcer: in the criminal justice system the people are
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equal groups. >> where's the da-da? i'm jumping out of my shorts. must be a problem in the control room. >>s ready for the listening. are you ready to wear it -- i mean, to hear it -- or something! >> never mind, gelman. forget about it! it's never going to make it another season, anyhow. that show. how about we go through the papers. all right? that's wha look, business section. >> what, reege? what is it? >> some show -- some company called -- stop touching me! microsoft. plans to rescue their nemesis apple. that's a fruit. not a company, and they're on the brink of bankruptcy with $150 million investment. >> i don't know, reege. sounds like a waste of money to me. i don't see how a company like that will ever be able to recoup. what sells in the papers, rooep?
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wants to create a magic blue pill that helps men to -- ah! i can't say that. >> reege, you mean viagra. >> stop it. don't say the word. >> reege, you don't ever have to worry about that. you're so strong and sexy. >> you got that right. i got the strength of ten men! [ laughter ] >> oh, speaking of strength, you know what, reege? >> what? >> you know what's still going strong still holding number one. are we ready? come on, reege. do it with me. come on, come on. >> oh, come on. everybody do it. >> come on. >> ready, reege? [ playing "macarena" ] ?? >> come on, gelman. do something! >> come on, rooep. >> gelman -- >> come on, reege. come on! ??
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>> reege, not like that. >> i hate it. who cares? gelman, if i go to another wedding where they play that song, i'm going to hurt something. >> i'm going to make sure it's cued up at my wedding reege. >> can we sit back and relax now a little bit? >> i'm exhausted. >> sit down. >> you can sit down big kath. i mean reege. >> i'm just one man. what? >> reege, you're spitting. you spit when you talk, reege. >> i am not shpitting! >> he is. >> she says that, there's nothing coming out. right? do you see anything coming out? you're crazy, gelman. write this down. write this down. this was explaining about my cold hands yesterday and today she's said i'm spitting. i'm sick of it. >> reege, i still love you. >> of course.
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>> that stupid sound goes off. what is it? >> what is it? >> this is your line, gelman. >> oh, i'm sorry. it was my pager. i just got it. isn't it cute? i love it. [ sound of champaign bottle popping ] >> reege, it's okay. >> it won't go off again. >> oh, it's okay. wait. you know what it's time for, everybody? >> tell them to freeze over. >> it's time we're going to do pick a number between 1 and 4,227. what number, rooep? >> i'm going to pick the number three. >> why. >> number of my favorite player from note to me! >> i love that. i'll play ball with him anytime. congrats to our audience member. you win a copy of my workout tape. it's calmed "feel fit and fabulous." >> oh, here we go. congratulations to the winner. >> yeah!
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>> thank you. >> whew! >> ah -- >> this is so fun. oh, that was fun. >> glad somebody's having fun. >> how was that? having fun, right? can we -- come here. regis philbin, everybody. come on up. the man! >> nice job. >> the legend. how was it? playing gelman. >> we are so confused up here. >> honestly. i called her kath. >> gelman- >> who's this? who is this? . >> look at your workout tape. we actually have it. >> checking out the future. >> who wants the kathie lee tape? >> never mind. >> holy cow! look at that. >> regis, stick around. all right? we got a lot coming up. smashmouth is going to play for us s. that right? >> yeah. they're going to -- you're going to love that. and before we go to break, it was double vision when regis met regis. take a look. >> happy --
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>> so is she! >> no. i am. no. we're out of control! >> and we're happy about it. believe it or not. >> we just want everyone to be happy. don't we? >> absolutely. you should be happy, too. sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this?
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u. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. hello again. it's time for "today's celebrities news you might have missed over weekend. >> from pop goes the week dotcom, brian balthazar. >> and gelman is sticking around. >> he doesn't know. what does he need? >> go the hole show. >> one thing. merlot. didn't have a chardonnay costume. >> did you make this?
10:14 am
raunchy. not good for daytime. >> a lot of celebs are dressing um for halloween. >> we all love bette midler any day of the week. she had a fund-raiser and showed up as winfred from "hocus-pocus." looked exactly like she did. had the wig, right there! this is her in the 1993 movie "hocus-pocus" but she came back to perform as this character. this movie has a little cult following, because sarah jessica parker is in kathy najimy, and doesn't they why there hasn't been a sequel. you don't see women doing slapstick that much in film and they clearly had a blast. >> she's going to be a little busy with "hello dolly." butt out! moving along. >> amy schumer, ben hamesh. i don't know if you washed "stranger things". everyone knows someone with a friend in costume with someone from "stranger things." amy was no different. she went at dustin and her boyfriend ben, a shaved head
10:15 am
11, that's ben on the right, because a little girl with a shaved head. it's a long story. popular costume. >> we have no idea what "vanger things" is. >> we thought we were stranger. >> yeah. this is "stranger things." >> they look fun and had fun. next up, though, you heard kelly clarkson, who can belt out a song better than anybody. >> love her. >> except for that kathie lee. >> thank you, reege. >> you're welcome. >> i calls them as i sees them. the woman can sing. >> so little tribute to sia. sang "chandelier." kelly clarkson. take a listen. ? one two, three, drink, one, two, three, drink throw them back to lawless count ? i'm going to swing from the chandelier ? from the chandelier ? >> she is so good. >> so good. >> reege, show 'em, kathie lee.
10:16 am
the fun ship cruise ? drinking nasty food and eating what we choose ?? something like that. if your bangs were longer you could sport it. doesn't see when she sings. kelly clarkson said like being in your own little world, a little disarming at first. >> please, move on to something we find interesting. >> that's a complement. katy perry wowed everyone. donned prosthetics hillary clinton. you talked about earlier. had a friend with her, bill clinton and security detail. >> orlando bloom. >> he was there. that's not orlando. another friend. orlando went in a different direction. but the very next night -- >> we don't judge. >> no. not a day goes by. >> we don't judge. go any direction they want. right, gelman? >> me. that's me. yes, right. >> the very next night katy perry celebrated a birthday.
10:17 am
1950s theme and dressed up asprint hudson because her real name is hudson. >> this, again we find mot interesting. the year you were born, kathie lee. 1953. >> that's a beautiful year. reege, we've got to go. that was fun. >> fun. i've always wanted to be on the "regis & kathie lee show." >> hope you enjoyed it. who's that answering on the door? >> we're not answer >> what will send shivers down your ?? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ?
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10:21 am
>> do you guys know who i am? >> turn this way so we can see your nose. >> no. who are you? >> 11 from "stranger things." >> we just said we don't know what "stranger things" is and it's getting stranger all the time. >> all the time. >> talk about a haunted house. an invitation from the ghost brothers you do not turn it down. what i found there more than i could have ever imagined. >> reporter: when three best friends with a passion f para normal join passions for hunting ghosts you know you're in nor a haunted ride. tonight, a museum, an authentic glimpse's what life was like to 1865. >> did you come up with your own camera? >> she's a professional. >> always prepared.
10:22 am
>> spaghetti! >> is there really a coffin in there? >> reporter: so many paranormal shows on tv right now. what makes this one unique? >> we bring soul back. back to the paranormal. >> like the spirits. yeah, yeah. >> reporter: i quickly learned the key to any successful investigation, an army of instruments, like this or light censored camera. >> essentially point this camera at anyone or any thing it does an en stick figure over your body. >> reporter: sounds harmless, something you see -- >> slamony, slamony! >> reporter: with courage, night vision and faith in the brothers we headed down to the basement where stories of mysterious sights and sounds have been documented for generations. >> oh, look, look. >> there's something in the corner right here. >> where? >> right next to -- >> no.
10:23 am
sandwich or something. >> are you hungry? >> you saw it! you saw it! >> reporter: next, we used a spirit box catching more talkative ghosts. >> are you here with us? he said, yep. yep. >> he goes, yep. >> i did, too. >> if you want to get inducted into the ghost brothers family you have to do what we call quiet time. >> reporter: by quiet time they t in the bedroom c. barry treadwell died in. >> aberration here. something right there on that door waiting for you to come in. >> my heart is racing out of my chest. >> the safe word? >> spamony. >> reporter: equipped with a handy cam and sls, i was off on my solo journey. >> okay.
10:24 am
>> okay. this is anomaly detected. what does that mean? is anyone in this room with me? raise your hand. if you want me to leave. oh, my god! okay. it's raising its hand. okay. i see it. look, look, look. how do i get out? spamony! [ screaming ] oh [ bleep ] -- what is that? ah -- [ scream ] >> use your safe wo >> reporter: while he was just a creepy mannequin we're still not quite sure what this was. >> i can safely say we can end our investigation on that. >> oh, my god. >> yeah. >> you're an official ghost sister. >> really? >> welcome to the club. >> wait. i want a hug. >> oh. >> oh. cruel! >> that looked like -- >> i'm still scared a week later. next season of "ghost brothers" debuts next year on destination
10:25 am
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we're having a sort of fun day halloween monday and a collection of creatures that might fill many with fear. >> so glad we brought them here in one place. >> reporter: really? >> set the record straight about animals assocd holiday, sea world and busch gardens ambassador, one hot toddy. julie scardina. >> can't get a look at her gams. amazing. >> broadway show. this is -- this is the ice fleurations. >> wow. all right. >> do that again! >> so we're here to dispel all the myths about all of these scary creatures. right? owls are associated with
10:31 am
darkness of the night. but they're actually perfectly adapted for that. right? >> they're nocturnal things. >> exactly right. >> i like the word nocturnal. >> beautiful big eyes to see 100 times better than humans at night helping making them beneficial for us. best pest control ever. >> they can see their prey. >> exactly. you can ever imagine. these animals, you don't need to be afraid of them. they're great to have around your house. we're going to off. >> let's watch. >> good luck with this. >> you'll see her six-foot wing span if we can get her attention over there. >> what's other name? >> joann. >> oh, that figures. >> from busch gardens, tampa. joann, see, can we get your attention going this way? there we go. how about that? fly right off. >> winkingality you. >> winking at you. >> bring out our next creature. >> such a disappointment. >> bye-bye, joann.
10:32 am
>> ooh, yes. >> joann wasn't in the mood. it's like joy a lot of nights. >> an animal that almost nobody likes. >> oh, look. reege. >> it's spiders, right? we have one of the largest species of tarantulas here. somebody put their hand into the habitat there. >> go ahead, gelman. >> lay it right down inside. >> wait. >> it's just a tarantula. >> i want you to -- this is she's actually very -- very -- >> skittish. let me show you how a man -- all right, kathie lee. >> well, i want to show off my nails. >> go ahead and put your -- oopsy. attached to my costume. go ahead and put your hand. >> things are not going well today. >> all down into the habitat. so that you're on the ground. >> look at that there we go. >> try to get her off of my costume. she's like -- >> and going towards your neck!
10:33 am
i'm not afraid of her. most people think that tarantulas are very scary and that they're going to hurt you. >> not looking. >> but they actually don't at all. >> how does it feel? >> the biggest thing they would do, actually throw their hairs at you, believe it or not. >> is that right? >> that's kind of kinky. >> of course you do. >> i like that. back in college. >> beneficial, food for other animals. >> her name is marilyn because she's got golden hairs. right? >> julie, can i ask you a question? do you like my leaf >> yes. they're beautiful, and so does marilyn too. all right? take her off leave her there in the habitat. >> i have a -- >> very beneficial. no need to ever kill a spider. >> what's next? >> our next animal we're going to bring out, put right on the table. >> holy cow! >> move the cups and the papers. >> this is -- >> is this a fox or a wolf? >> this is actually a coyote. >> wrong again, gelman, on every front. >> now, this is anna. anna's mother was unfortunately
10:34 am
>> ah. >> and the bounty hunter saw that she had pups still inside of her. >> oh. >> so he had a change of heart. he actually saved the pups, although anna was the only one to be able to survive. now she is a great ambassador for her species, because coyotes get such a bad rap? right? look at this gorgeous creature. >> she's got -- all right. just asking. >> all right. and for bring a co-unity. >> wrap it up, kids. >> wrap it up. >> vulture. isn't this gorgeous? >> get ready for music. smashmouth performs one of their biggest hits. >> lisa, can you turn her around there? there you go. >> that's the -- >> ever thought about starting a business with family members, you guys? we're going to talk about that. >> and smarties candies what shhave to say before you do it.
10:35 am
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10:39 am
a lot of people dream of launching a family-run business. >> but working with people you love -- you love the most. is it always easy? believe me -- >> how's that, gelman? here with tips going into business with loved ones is career expert and best-selling author and "today" -- excuse me -- candy striper. all ri >> all: suzy welsh! >> fine. [ laughter ] >> oh, if you didn't know, it's estimated that upwards of 70% of american companies are family businesses. which got us to thinking, what's it like to go into business with your relatives? i sat down with the three ladies behind the smarties candy company to gain insight on what makes their family venture so darn sweet. >> reporter: immediate
10:40 am
cousin sarah. together this trailblazing trio run the smarties candy company in union, new jersey. >> did you go up thinking you would go into the family business or something that came to you later? >> i think of the three of us i was the one who thought i was always end up in a family business. always thought that would be fun. i didn't know if these two would come in and am thrilled they did. >> reporter: the ladies' grandfather who launched the tasty treat back in 1949. >> my father had a candy company in england that made a similar after the war i decided to try the american market. so i just got married, had a 6-month-old son and came here and got it started. >> reporter: when he founded the company he was hand-delivering each order from his car. with the help of about 100 employeeance smarties ships more than 50,000 pounds of candy per day. >> what's it like working with your granddad? >> his commitment to this company and work ethic are inspiring to us. >> inspiring he's so involved.
10:41 am
>> reporter: at 92 the man is so committed to the family fortune he still pops into the office are on a regular basis. >> right now if i want to play golf, i play golf, but if i want an office to go to i have an office to go to. i have the best of both worlds and the girls running the business, i still get a check at the end of the week. what more can you ask for? >> reporter: how does a tight-knit family run a business without stepping on each other's toes? >> ewe each do different things. i oversee foodli safety and communications. >> reporter: foyle, sarah production and purchasing and jessica takes care of sales and office management. >> how do you think you run the business differently than the men before you? >> we modernized it. >> yeah. >> really every aspect of the company. updated systems both in production an i.t. we put solar panels on the roof, taking things to the next level. >> reporter: the most fruitful holiday upon them, the ladies are working especially hard.
10:42 am
what's it like in the weeks leading up to halloween. >> we actually make all our halloween candy during the summer. you have to ship from here and actual be in the stores before halloween so people can prepare. >> obviously our biggest day of the year. personally, i love halloween. >> supposed to bring fun to people's lives. >> reporter: fun indeed. the sugary tablets come in six flavors and nut-free, gluten-free and vegan, but perhaps sweetest of all is the candy land. >> what advice would you give to sisters or cousins that came to you and said they wanted to go into business together? >> it sounds cheesy, but family first. it has to be the bottom line, because we all care about this business, but at the end of the day, we all love each other. >> i like to see that with families. >> yeah. >> and you have tips. one of those things sometimes when you hear about people going into business with family you say, don't do it. it's going to be trouble.
10:43 am
>> every family has drama. they do very, very well, don't fear have drama they're working out in the family business. one of the things they do right and they do many things right, they like and love each other. know how to have a good disagreement and a compromises that works for everybody. they're not settling scores in the family business. that is a totally number one thing. >> do that at home. >> what do you think? >> do that at home. >> right, gelman. >> what do you think? >> i think it's important to keep your dramas at ho it's worked out. >> they definitely do that and decided what success would look like for them. another company came, tried to buy them. they said no. we want to keep it in the family for the next generation, or four children, maybe our daughters and really had a clear and consistent idea, all of them, about what success was. >> thank you. >> and a great product. >> yes. delicious. i know. >> don't you love -- >> i love the smarties. what about you? >> yeah. i do, too. >> who cares. >> stick around. we have sweet music ahead. thank you so much.
10:44 am
i've heard about ihoda. >> you likey? >> back in time with one of their biggest hits. i c why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! ahh...still sick, huh? i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. [ cheers and applause ] we are back, taking you back in time almost 20 years to 1997. >> at youngest golfer to win the masters. average price of a movie ticket less than $5 and leonardo dicaprio yellaled "i'm the king of the world!" >> that same year the rock group smashmouth hit the scene with its debut album. >> and this is me -- here they are with their 1997 hit "walking on the sun." >> this is "walking on the sun
10:50 am
? ain't no joke i like to bother the world sing it perfect harmony and teach the world to stop the fires and the liars ? hey i know it's just a song but it starts for the rest of me ? this is a love attack i know where nobody's back it's just like any attract people ? and just like fashion it's a smash for those got the goods to come and buy it stay in the clear ? don't you late i've got to run out ? allow if you're still alive ? and if you follow the odds are narrow but you might as well be walkin' on the sun ? ? twenty five years ago they
10:51 am
recision and oppression ? and together they toked and they folked out with guitars around a bonfire ? ? just sinjin and clapping and watch what happened ? and some were spellbound some were hell bound some they fell down and some got back up and fought against the meltdown ? and their kids were hippie chicks all hypocrites ? because fashion is smashing the true meaning of it ? so don't delay, act now suppl allow if you're still alive, six to eight years to arequire ? and if you follow there maybe a tomorrower but if the offers shun ? you might as well be walkin' on the sun ? >> play it! ??
10:52 am
handkerchief is soaked with the tears because her baby's life has been revoked ? the bond is broke up so choke up and focus on the close-up ? mr. wizard can't reform no gold like hocus-pocus ? so don't sit back kick back and watch the world get bush whacked ? news on at 10:00 your neighborhood is under attack ? put awe way the crack before you crack puts you away ? you need to be there when your ba hey, hey, so don't delay act now supplies are running out ? if you're still alive skip to eight years to arrive ? and if you follow there may be a tomorrow but if the offers shun ? ? you might as well be walkin' on the sun ? you might as well be walkin' on the sun ? you might as well be walkin' on the sun ? you might as well be walkin' on the sun ??
10:53 am
smashmouth! >> halloween costume. >> did you like smashmouth? >> didn't even listen. >> is this the whole show, as if it hasn't been scary enough. >> first, everybody, this is
10:54 am
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our producers out here scouring the crowd for the most creative costumes. time to select who won our costume contest. >> well what do you mean? it's not us, regis is -- disappointed. is that me? >> no, it's you, kath. >> okay. drum roll, please.
10:57 am
>> the minions. they get $75 gift card. congratulations. our second prize goes to -- drum roll, please -- john and dawn from chicago. $50 gift card and our big prize, $250 grand prize goes to -- >> mercer island, washington. >> she's a crazy cat! >> congratulas. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> congratulations. all the winners. >> how much fun did you have today? [ cheers and applause ] happy halloween, everybody. >> thank our dear friends -- >> regis, for being with us today. so much fun. >> i don't think so. no. wee never going to do this again. are we? no. leave regis alone. >> who do you want to be next year? >> ah -- you. >> remember, you have the
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? ?? >> wendy: thank you for watching


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